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Laminating Machines

I have been asked to report on research done into how to find detailed information regarding office laminating machines. The real question behind the choice of a laminating machine is how frequently it is going to be used and what size of paper is it going to be used.

The question regarding how frequently it is to be used is important because of the economies of scale. The more expensive laminating machines may work much better for a larger corporation or an office which will use it multiple time daily, as the marginal cost to a larger machine is far lower. However, a more discounted machine may be more appropriate for an office which will only laminate a report sent to corporate once a month. This is because the initial fixed cost of purchase is so much lower, and the frequency of use will never allow for regaining a fixed cost through lower marginal costs.

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Paper Shredders

The objective is to determine what to look for in paper shredder buying and where to purchase quality shredders and discount price.

“For business use it is a good idea to use a relatively powerful paper shredder that is able to cut the materials into many small pieces rather than just shredding them. This is a better way of maintaining confidentiality and keeping your workplace safe and secure.” –Industrial 101

While they agree that it is a secure way to dispose of documents, they acknowledge that it is not perfect. “Make sure that you dispose of your paper properly after it has been shredded. Something as small as a social insurance number or a credit card number could still be reconstructed if the paper hasn’t been shredded and disposed of properly.” –Industrial 101 EBay’s article confirms this and delves into the topic of dumpster diving. “Although your company documents may not be a matter of national security, and dumpster-diving may seem the stuff of a bad spy novel, courts have ruled that items found in the trash are in the public domain. Picking through trash, however unsavory, is legal.”

There is another facet of shredding that many look over. Factory Express advises people not only of disposing of paper, but of other items, “CD - DVD shredder and specialty models as well as heavy duty commercial and industrial paper shredders.”

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