Basic Skin Care

Statement Describing the Challenge

The problem that will be discussed here is how to care for your skin. The main topic found is in prevention. There are several ways to prevent skin disease through skin care and prevention. A few things that are sudgested are sunscreen, gloves, hats, longsleeve shirts, and protective gear worn while playing sports. Basic skin care will help prevent serious diseases such as cancer. With proper skin care an individual can be sure that his or her skin will be safe, and as a result the rest of his or her body will be safe. Chances are that if your taking care of your skin, then your taking care of the rest of you because the skin is the bodies first source of protection.

Non-Drug Treatments

SPF 15 or higher sunscreen

Alternative Medicine Treatments

Prevention. Use scarves/gloves for cold days and use sun screen, hats for hot days

Drug Therapy