Customer Relationship Enhancement Solutions

At Scott Marsh Financial, we believe that nearly any type of business can be converted into an extremely efficient capital asset for its owner. To maximize the value of this capital asset, business owners must have a thorough understanding of who their customers are and what these customers want. Your existing customer base is one of your greatest assets, and just as you manage your physical assets carefully, you must manage and safeguard these customers that are the heart of your business. Those businesses that understand who their customers are and what they need and want deliver superior service, generate client referrals, minimize advertising costs, and grow in a way that leads to maximization of profitability and net worth. The answers to the Million Dollar Questions below are just some of the Million Dollar Customer Relationship Enhancing Solutions Scott Marsh Financial can provide for your business.

  1. Do I have a good understanding of the value chain for players in my industry?
  2.  What areas of the value chain could be optimized?
  3. How are my relationships with the vendors I use, and would there be better vendors?
  4. What kind of power do my customers wield relative to customers in the industry at large?
  5.  Are substitute product offerings a threat in my industry?
  6. What is the threat of new entrants in my industry?