Compelling Costs Control Solutions

At Scott Marsh Financial, we believe that nearly any type of business can be converted into an extremely efficient capital asset for its owner. To maximize the value of this capital asset, small business owners must effectively learn to manage and control many different business costs.  Many business valuation models use some type of earnings multiple. Consequently, any costs that are effectively saved will directly increase your net worth by some multiple.  The answers to the Million Dollar Questions below are just some of the Million Dollar Cost Control Solutions Scott Marsh Financial can provide for your business.

  1. Do I have a good understanding of the cost structure for my industry and business?
  2. How does my firm stack up against industry averages and competitors in terms of costs?
  3. How are other firms in my industry effectively working to control their costs?
  4. What are the most insightful tax planning opportunities available to firms in my industry?
  5. Could I effectively utilize outsourcing to cut some unnecessary costs?
  6. What other supply chain and operational efficiency increasing measures are being successfully implemented by other players in my industry?