Cell Phone

The average American household spent over $600 for cell phone bills in 2007. Many individuals get stuck in two or three year contracts, only to find out that they didn’t get the best deal on their service. Many cell phone sales dealers get people to purchase minutes they have no need of. Unfortunately, to cancel a contract, you generally have had to pay a fee of up to $250.00. Fortunately, now, internet technology has made it possible to switch to a new cell phone plan affordably. You can get out of your high priced contract and get a good, basic plan for about $30/month. That is a savings of $20/month (probably more) than the average cost. If a 20 year old switched from a $50/month plan to a $30/month plan, the $20/month savings, if invested, would mean the 20 year old would have $433,000 dollars at retirement.  

  1. http://www.cellswapper.com/ was one Time’s Best Sites of 2007. This site allows you to get out of the expensive contract you are stuck in without having to pay the early termination fee that usually accompanies the breaking of your cell phone contract.
  2. http://www.myrateplan.com/ is a great site that allows you to find the cheapest, best rate plan. They will pay your activation fee with most plans. After you get out of your high-priced contract, come here to get into a great, lower-priced contract.
  3. http://www.celltradeusa.com/ is another site that will help you to get out of your expensive cell-phone contract