Eating Out

For many people, eating out is a meaningful family ritual that draws them closer together. Nevertheless, eating out can be extremely expensive. The average American family spends over $2500/year eating out. Fortunately, there are many possible ways that a person can save on dining out. If a 25-year-old made cumulative decisions that allowed him/her to save half of the average $2500/year spent on eating out, this decision could be worth more than $1,225,000 at retirement. Click on the links below to see how you could begin to save on restaurant bills.

  1. provides a great article that explains how a person can save up to 94% off the price of eating out.
  2. allows a person to save a large percentage of the cost of eating out by purchasing discounted gift certificates.
  3. if the restaurant experience is not really that important to you, but you just love the taste of the food, you will love this website. Learn how to inexpensively make the food you buy at restaurants for a fraction of the cost.