Many people believe the absolutely need a coffee to get going in the morning. Unfortunately, getting this jump start can be quite expensive. The National Coffee Association reports that the cost of brewed coffee is $1.38 per day. If a person buys a coffee each day of the year, this costs him/her about $500/year. Fortunately, a large portion of this expense can be saved by a smart person who decides to brew his/her own coffee. If a 20 year old decided to brew his or her own coffee (costs about 25 cents per day), he or she could have nearly $950,000 saved by the time he/she retired. Explore the resources below to see how you could save.

  1. contains the directions for brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home. Related articles on the side of the page teach you how to make an espresso, caffe latte or Caffe Americano.
  2.  is an interesting calculator that lets you calculate how much you could save on coffee given the investment and age assumptions you would like to use.