The average vacation cost, according to a 2008 AAA study, for two adults traveling together in the United States was $244/day, just for lodging and meals. With children, this cost would be even higher.  Assuming a couple spends just one week on vacation in a year, this vacation would cost $1708, not even including travel expenses. What if a 20 year old decided he would find ways to save a portion of his/her vacation costs. If he were able to save half of the cost of vacationing each year, this could ultimately be worth over $1.5 million to him/her. Explore the links below to learn how you can save on travel.

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  2. is a great article about a novel idea, the staycation. You could save a ton of money by implementing this simple suggestion.
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  4. is a great site that uses data mining to see if air fares to the destination you are planning to visit are likely to rise or fall.