Accelerated Debt Reduction

The average American family can be completely out of debt in seven years through following a debt acceleration plan. A 30-year-old making monthly payment of $2500 dollars, who was able to get completely out of debt in eight years, would potentially have over $4.3 million dollars by retirement. Fortunately, an ADR plan is easy to follow and set up. Find out how using the tools listed below.

  1. This is a free, non-profit site set up by Utah State University to help individuals with the accelerated debt reduction process. This site will allow you to set up a personalized debt acceleration chart and document your savings. You create a personalized login and password so you can save your chart and update it as you make progress.
  2. is a site that allows you to set up a calculator on a one-time basis. This is a good tool that will help you see if you would like to follow an accelerated debt reduction plan.