Over 20% of the cost of owning a vehicle stems from fuel costs. The average cost per mile for gasoline is 11.7 cents. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help control fuel costs. The decision to include fuel costs in your next car purchase can save you a huge amount of money. Additionally, we provide tips below for improving the fuel efficiency of your current vehicle. Conservatively assuming that a 25 year-old person could save only 25% of the average cost per mile for gasoline, and they chose to invest the savings, this Million Dollar Decision could be worth over $400,000 to them at retirement.

  1. provides a great listing of tips from the US Department of Energy to help you improve the fuel economy of the vehicle you currently drive. Learn how doing simple things such as removing excess weight and
  2. allows you to easily find the most inexpensive gasoline in your area.
  3. is a tool you should use when you are shopping for a car. This tool allows you to easily compare the fuel efficiency of various vehicles.
  4. Oftentimes, we forget to figure in the cost of fuel when we go on a trip. Use this handy calculator to determine how much money you will spend on your trip. It may, sometimes, be cheaper to fly. Be sure to invest the savings you find.
  5. lists 29 tips on how to save gas.
  6. Bankrate, a well-known website for loan advice, lists 15 ways to save gas.
  7. What if you could have gas for free? explains that if you drive at least 40 miles a day, and agree to place a vehicle wrap on your car, a sponsor will pay for all your gas. Not bad.