If a student can get a scholarship to pay for a portion of educational costs, this is a great deal. Scholarships are not usually money you can spend, so receiving a scholarship can reduce your student loans on a dollar for dollar basis. Unfortunately, many students erroneously conclude that because they don’t have a top GPA, they can’t qualify for a scholarship. That is certainly not at all true. There are numerous scholarships out there which are awarded for a large number of reasons. Use these resources below to find those that you might qualify for.

  1. This is a great, free scholarship search engine provided free of charge for your use by the government
  2. This is a great, free scholarship directory that provides access to a host of private scholarship applications. 
  3. is one of the great, free online scholarship resources available on the web. 
  4. is an organization of scholarship providers and provides a great place to look for additional scholarships.