Part-time Jobs

While research has shown that many students do better in school if they are working, many students have no choice but to work while they are in school. About 75% of students work and in fact earn nearly $700/month on average. Every dollar earned, as long as it is not spent on unnecessary items, is a dollar that could go toward tuition and necessary expenses, thereby lowering the amount of needed borrowing. Explore the links below to find some of the finest available work opportunities for those in college.

  1. Creatively Ingenious College Business. Click here to see ideas from hundreds of personal finance students for entrepreneurial and employment opportunities available. 
  2.  and  These are sites for those students who have expertise in areas such as graphic design, web design or computer programming. You can post your skills and work conveniently on a contract basis. 
  3. has a listing of neat internship opportunities. Internships are a great way to get paid and also get great experience. 
  4. Part-time job tips from Students Click here to view tips from real college students who have worked to reduce their Textbook expenses.