Transportation Options

When many students go off to college, they take the car they have been accustomed to using with them. While a car is certainly a very convenient transportation option, driving carries many costs for the self-sufficient student. The average cost of driving a vehicle actually is about 54 cents a mile according to a AAA study completed last year. Finding alternate transportation methods, such as walking, biking or riding the bus can really help a student save substantially. If an eighteen year old student were able to find ways to drive 3000 less miles in a year, this would save him/her $1620/year. If he/she invested the money saved, this could potentially be worth well over 1 million by retirement. Use the links below to see how you could save on transportation expenses.

  1. contains a good listing of seven ways to save on college transportation.
  2. This is a guide for bike commuters. Learn how to be safe and find a great route to your college campus.