Car Washes

Many college students use their cars as tools to impress those around them. Having a vehicle that looks perfect, unfortunately, can be quite expensive. The average cost for a basic auto detailing package is $58, according to The tab for getting your car detailed every month is $696 per year. Fortunately, you can learn to clean your car at home very inexpensively. If a 18 year old decided he/she was going to just wash his/her car at the apartment, let’s conservatively assume that he/she could save half of the $58 per month (after all, he/she would have to purchase some supplies). This decision to save just $29 per month would be worth about $790,000 if he/she invested the savings for the rest of his/her life. Use the links to learn more about how to properly wash a car. 

  1.  is a great, short video and article that teaches you what to buy to take care of your car at home. This provides some great tips that will allow you to do your detailing like a professional.
  2. provides another great step-by-step description of how to wash your car by hand.
  3. provides a whole series of videos that show you how to do everything from washing your car’s interior mats to waxing the exterior.