Internet Access

The internet is an extremely important part of most college students’ lives. The average cost of internet access is $32.42/month. Many customers end up paying much more for service. Most people end up being sold on internet services and add-ons that they really don’t need. A basic, high-speed connection from Quest will only cost a person $14.99. For those who don’t need high-speed internet, free internet resources are available. If a twenty year old decided to switch to a basic, high-speed package from his/her average priced internet, the savings could be worth over $375,000 at retirement. If he/she decided to use one of the free internet services, this decision could be worth over $700,000 at retirement. Many colleges offer free internet resources as an included benefit to students. You should explore the resources available at your school. If you are interested in free internet access, explore the links below.

  1. is a great resource that allows you to search for free and low cost internet service in your area.
  2. is a site that allows you to shop for cheap, high-speed internet service in your area.