Menu Planning

The average American spends $160/month per person. For a college student on a limited budget, that can represent a large percentage of the monthly budget. Research has consistently shown that, through appropriate planning, we can save about 50% of the amount we spend on food. To be conservative, we will assume that a person saves only 25% of the amount they have been spending on food. If an 18 year old decided to implement the simple suggestions necessary to save 25% of his/her food bill, this decision could be worth over $1,000,000 by retirement. Start at these useful links to find some of the best, easiest strategies for reducing the amount you spend on food.

  1. Most college students spend their life online. Have you ever prepared a shopping list and realized, once at the store, that you have forgotten that list? Zeer is an interesting site that allows you to create a customized shopping list that can be send via text message to your mobile phone. By sticking to your list, you can save a ton of money
  2. If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi in your part of the country, you can likely save a lot on groceries by shopping there. Even if you don’t, by signing up for their free menu planning tool, you can save a lot by avoiding mid-week shopping trips. 
  3. allows you to comparison shop the ads for most grocers in one convenient place. Find out which store has the items in your list for the most inexpensive price.
  4. Most college students are so tired by the end of the day that it is hard to even contemplate what to cook. Use this site to easily find recipes designed for students.