Music Purchases

College Students are one of the primary consumers of music, coughing up a whopping $474 million per year. The internet is increasingly making spending on music less and less necessary. If an 18-year-old student, who currently spends $30/month on music found a way to cut this expenditure in half, this decision would be worth over $400,000 at retirement. Click on the links below to beginning discovering how to save today.

  1. Swaptree is a site where you can trade books, music, movies and video games that you don't want, for the books, CDs, DVDs, video games that you do want, for free. You only have to pay for postage. This is a great resource that will allow you to get rid of games you are sick of in exchange for new games to play.
  2. It is likely you can find your favorite music and play it on demand from Imeem. Why buy music when you can just listen to it for free online whenever you want?
  3. This site allows you to tune into radio stations across the country. Listen to your favorite station from back home. 
  4. is a great site to use in order to find and listen to any music you want.
  5. allows you to listen to and create free music playlists.