Inexpensive Date Ideas

Many students like to go on regular dates. Several of Professor Marsh’s students did some informal polls and found out that many students spend well over $1000/semester going on dates. If an 18-year-old student were able to find low cost opportunities and save $500/semester on dates (and continued saving this amount throughout his/her life), this decision could be worth over 2.25 million dollars at retirement. Follow the links below to see how you could discover savings opportunities.

  1. is a great article that has some creative tips for saving money on dates. 
  2. is a great way to think of potential date ideas in your area.
  3. is a Google search for “Cheap college dates.” There were 306,000 results.
  4. Student Tips for Shrinking your Dating Bills. Click here to view tips from real college students who have worked to reduce their dating expenses.