Tutoring Opportunities


As a group of honor students offer tutoring/ study group sessions for a small fee. A person in search of these services requests a study session through facebook, where there is a group page stating the statement and services available, stating the subject they need help in and what times they are available. Then the tutors get together to organize a schedule of who will take what request depending on the school subject requested and time of session. The tutors then charge the requestor a fee depending on the time limit of the session.

How I got the idea / found the employment:

This business started when one tutor could not handle her workload and decided to employ her friends to help here and from there this business took off. As more students from school heard about these services through friends they had more and more requests which brought in more money.

Challenges I faced, and how I overcame them:

One challenge was the scheduling meeting that had to take place each week. Each tutor had to be very committed and organized for the business to work. So every Sunday we would have a meeting at a tutor’s house to determine the sessions they would have to conduct during that week. To make this problem easier all request for sessions in the upcoming week had to be scheduled on facebook by that Sunday.

What I learned:

What was learned for participating in this business was the use of time management. In order for a tutor to be successful and make the most of this business they had to be organized and committed to the group and the whole process.