Neighborhood Christmas Light Installation 


I put up Christmas lights for several of my neighbors and some people from my ward.

How I got the idea / found the employment:

Outdoor Christmas lights are very popular in Chandler, Arizona where I am from, but most people don’t like putting them up. My little brother and I were putting up lights at our house one year when one of our neighbors came over and offered us $100 to put up and take down their lights for them. Once we realized how much it was worth to people to not have to put up their own lights we printed some flyers and sent them around our neighborhood. We ended up having about 10 people hire us to do their lights and made almost $1000 in just over one month.

Challenges I faced, and how I overcame them:

The overall safety of the job was a challenge at times. Putting up lights on people’s roofs often required us to climb on tall ladders and sometimes even climb on top of the roof inorder to hang the lights.

What I learned:

I learned a lot about the value of hard work and self-motivation. I also learned that people will pay a lot of money to have someone else do something that they don't want to