I was a television news producer for BYU Daily News. I worked with paid and non- paid students mostly. I did a lot of writing and a lot of proofreading other people’s writing. I taught associate producers how to be producers and how to form a newscast. I helped reporters learn what is a story and how to format it for television. My responsibilities included making sure the newscast was timely, well written, well filmed, interesting, and accurate. In order to be a procucer in television news, one must be quick on his or her feet, make important decisions within a matter of seconds, write intelligently and interestingly, and exhibit leadership skills.

How I got the idea / found the employment:

I found my job through my major when I took a semester of news reporting for BYU Daily News. I noticed that other students were being paid to be producers so I wanted to do the same. I am looking to work in news and mass media so I decided I would try to do more than what was required for the major. I took a producing job working for BYU Daily News to learn more about producing in a major geared toward on air talent. I wrote a letter of intent and fill out a job application form outlining my experience and goals. I believe one of the reasons I got the job was my previously established relationships with the other producers, reporters, and my employer (who is the news director). I had worked with and for her for one year previous to my current employment and expressed my desire to learn production skills. I also volunteered to help out in the newsroom doing various jobs to prove my determination.

Challenges I faced, and how I overcame them:

I faced a few challenges. The first was the external competition from other students wanting the same job. I befriended anyone and everyone I could find. I created a network so when any of them learned of a job opening they would think of me as the best person to fulfill the job. Then I just waited for the opportunity to come.

The second challenge was the lack of knowing people and lack of learned skills. I overcame the challenge by volunteering to help out in any role needed in the newsroom, demonstrating my determination and ability to work hard at any job I performed. It showed my ability to learn quickly. It also taught me how a newsroom operates.

The third challenge I faced was working with a group of people with various levels of skills and knowledge. I overcame it by learning to be very patient and work quickly under pressure and an unforgiving deadline. Also, things went more smoothly when I communicated what needed to be completed and how to do it clearly and precisely and when I motivated people to do their jobs.

What I learned:

I learned that sometimes the job isn’t all you thought it was going to be. It changes everyday and offers new challenges to overcome. It changes because the news changes everyday and there are always new obstacles to face in getting the newscast on air. Also, I learned it is best to be patient, realistic, precise, and kind no matter what obstacle arises.

It was beneficial to work in a fairly secure environment with a group of people who are eager to learn to do their jobs better. I learned at least one thing new everyday about how to be a better producer. It will help in my next producing job.

Some of the benefits were making money doing something I enjoy, learning technical and commuter skills, and learning how to react to controversial news in a room full of people with varied opinions and ideologies.