Fuel Economy

Objective: Most people notice what they are paying at the gas pump, especially recently given increases in gasoline prices. Fortunately, the internet offers information on improving gas mileage and reducing fuel costs. Ideas and suggestions to reduce costs range from buying fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles, to simply changing driving habits. The correct answer for each consumer differs according to their needs, wants, and current situation. Those who are informed with money saving tips can save substantial amounts of money on their fuel costs.

For those in the market for a new vehicle, and are also conscious of fuel efficiency, the “cars” section of www.consumerreports.org is an excellent tool for comparing mileage reports for current makes and models. Along with fuel economy information, www.consumerreports.com discusses price range, styles, and other key facts to consider when purchasing a vehicle. This website also contains interesting information about hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel solutions, which are pertinent topics for the future of driving.

For those who are not in a position to purchase a new vehicle, many tips and suggestions are available to improve the gas mileage on the vehicles they already drive. Some simple ideas include: reducing excess weight carried in the vehicle, following a regular maintenance schedule, driving in high gears, using cruise control efficiently, avoiding heavy traffic areas, observing the speed limit, and using moderate acceleration. Although these tips may seem insignificant, over time, smart driving for increased fuel economy can make a large effect—it might even be considered a million dollar choice. For more information about fuel saving tips, please visit www.fueleconomy.gov and www.edmunds.com.

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Hybrid Vehicles

Objective: People all over the world have been recently hit with much economic turmoil, forcing many people to look for alternative ways to save money at the pump. Hybrid vehicles offer a nice replacement for conventional gas guzzling cars because they offer more miles per gallon and save car owners from being hurt more and more by the rising gas prices. Because more and more people are looking for new ways to save money, the hybrid market has sky rocketed in recent years. The slow and poor looking stereotype of hybrids is being erased with new cars from companies like Toyota, GM, and Ford that have heads turning.

The three websites found for Hybrid vehicles offer a wide range of information. Hybrid-Vehicles.net talks more about the history of hybrid vehicles and how they have developed. HybridCars.com offers current information on what car companies are doing in terms of hybrid technology. Toyota’s hybrid website gives insight to what Toyota is doing with their hybrid vehicles and how they have changed. All of these websites offer a unique look into the world of hybrids. Hybrid vehicles are a great alternative when you are searching for your next car.

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Mileage Break-Even Point

Objective: One of the toughest decisions that consumers must make is when to replace or upgrade products that they have. The more expensive the product, the more difficult this decision is to make. Automobiles are a prime example. Anyone who has ever had to take their car in to be repaired only to find out it was going to cost several hundred dollars before they could drive off with a functioning car can relate to this fact.

Many consumers are interested in receiving information as to where the real mileage break-even point is when it becomes more economically feasible to simply replace a car with a new one verses spending large amounts of money in repair bills. Since every make and model differ as far as overall long term reliability is concerned, it is very difficult to set a definite time frame in which it would be better for consumers to replace a vehicle or simply repair it. The ultimate decision to replace a car or repair it is unique in every circumstance because of this. Despite the fact, there is not an apparent break-even point. There are many helpful websites and on-line articles to aide consumers in making an accurate decision. Here are some of the best ones:

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