To find the websites that will offer the best values for men's cologne products, and to inform the lay-consumer about the nuances of buying and wearing men's cologne.

Cologne is a brand-name dominated product and as such, can demand a heavy premium for costumers. However, name recognition in cologne is much lower than say, clothes, for instance. For example, the average consumer is much more likely to recognize name-brand clothes if he saw them than he would name-brand cologne if he smelled it. This has opened up the market for hundreds of "designer knock-offs" that smell pretty much the same but cost a fraction of the price.

An area where consumers need to be careful when purchasing colognes is brand-name mark up. For example, if a consumer wants to purchase Gucci cologne from Gucci's website, or from one of their stores, they will pay a steep premium as opposed to that consumer buying the same cologne from a discount online-retailer. For this reason, it is highly recommended that consumers first search for their cologne preferences by way of third-party discount websites.

Top Online Resources:

  1. Google Products  
  2. Amazon  
  3. Fragrance Net