Estate Sales

An Estate Sale is when someone's estate, their assets, are sold at an auction and split between the survivors or beneficiaries. The estate sale happens when some dies and the survivors cannot agree who gets a particular asset, or how to distribute it evenly.

There are two aspects to online estate sales: buying and selling. When buying from an online estate sale, you can filter through different estates that are for sale through a particular agency. There are many local companies that are specific to a city or region, and a few national estate sales companies. You can search the local or the national companies to see what is for sale. The sale usually lasts 1-3 days, where you can usually get a price reduction on the last day.

You can also post your estate online and sell the items. This happens when the survivors of a deceased person cannot agree on who gets the assets, so they sell them through a company. You can post your estate through a company and they will sell the items, taking a commission for the company, and give the survivors the money so they can distribute it.

Top Online Resources:

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