Woodworking Tools

Power Sanders

The household product researched is power sanders. Power sanders are used to improve the surface quality and appearance of wood and are useful for different household chores such as refinishing a deck or table. There are several types of sanders such as the belt sander which is the standard sander and it is used for making surfaces smooth. The orbital sanders and finishing sanders are used more for the finer finishing of work, and disc sanders are used for the more heavy duty metal sanding.

When shopping for a power sander, there are a few things you should look for. Does the sander have a punch board which makes holes in the sand paper to collect dust? Is there a hook-and-loop pad that allows you to reattach partially used sand discs/ paper? Most importantly, since this is your money, is the overall feel and grip of the sander comfortable and do you feel good about the purchase? As with almost everything, the more you pay, the better quality you get and this is the same with power sanders. You can spend well over a hundred dollars for a high quality/ high power sander or as little as $30 for something that may not last as long.

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Wood Routers

Wood routers are very useful wood-working tools used to rout out, hollow out, a face of wood. They are most commonly used today to do shaping and edge decoration of timber. A router basically acts as a fancy drill, in that it can be fitted with numerous different bits that perform many distinct and precise cuts.

When looking to buy a wood router one would be smart to first consult with a woodworking shop or a trusted craftsman. One who is familiar with woodworking tools can inform you of what will types of routers are best for your specific need. Next, look into first renting a wood router from a hardware store or a rental shop. It is a tool used for many jobs, but the extent of the use may exceed your personal skill level and a one time job may be all you need.

Finally if you determine you would like to purchase a wood router, use the following websites to research the best quality router for the price. Again, make sure you are considering your woodworking skills as you are shopping for a router. There is a wide range of routers available and it would be a sad mistake to spend a great deal of money on a router that is used for fine craftsmanship when you simply need it to drill a hole or two. In addition one may look to purchase a laminate trimmer which performs similar functions as a router, but can hold smaller bits and is easier to handle for small jobs. Another tool called a shaper can be used to hold larger bits and works great on larger jobs with few fine details.

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