Household artificial flowers have been used in lieu of real flowers since the days of the ancient Egyptians and the early Chinese empire. It became more common when the French made great advances in the accuracy of their reproductions. There are different things to consider when one wants to purchase artificial flowers. They are more expensive. However, over time they become less expensive because their durability allows a long life, apposed to the short life a real flower. People find that important, especially from events, such as weddings, bereavements and scrap-booking; they extend memories. Artificial flowers, though very realistic in appearance, still lack in variety (though growing everyday). We still aren't able to reproduce every type of real flower. Another thing to keep in mind is the bias found online towards artificial flowers. Real florists let the flowers market themselves while artificial flower retailers spend much effort to debunk real flowers. They often neglect to mention the lack of "fresh" scent and don't differentiate between "realistic" to "real". But, for reasons afore mentioned, one would benefit in a purchase of artificial flowers

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