Bathroom Accessories & Appliances

Bathroom Fans

Bathroom exhaust fans are desirable in any bathroom, and they are required in bathrooms that have no windows or a window that cannot be opened. Bathroom fans should exchange the air in a bathroom completely every five minutes. In addition to keeping the air fresh, they also help inhibit the growth of mildew and other fungi that easily breed in a bathroom. Fans can be noisy, so listen to the model you are buying before you bring it home. Determining what type of fan is needed in your bathroom can be a daunting task but there are many resources that allow you to make the best most efficient decisions. Here are some websites that will help.

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Bathroom Scales

These websites will provide information on different styles, uses, and prices of the bathroom scales to fit your needs.

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Bathroom Sinks

It is critical for a consumer to know what design of sink they would like and what material it should be made out of. There are copper, marble, porcelain, glass, or stainless steel bathroom sinks. People who are constantly knocking things over would not want to purchase an above counter glass sink as they are very durable but do still break. The homecenter website suggested to completely avoid porcelain sinks as they are much more fragile than glass and shatter into more jagged pieces. Then there are the different styles of sinks a consumer should consider such as the undermount, vessel, pedestal, console, vanity, etc. bathroom sink. All of these present the bathroom with a different and unique style and the consumer will have to decide which one is most compatible with the rest of the home. Specific purchasing tips that should be considered by consumers are: do not shop at only one website before making a purchase; if there is no privacy policy provided the consumer should absolutely make no purchase with provider; check the ratings before making a purchase ( is a good site to visit when making a purchase); call the number provided on the site to see if service takes a long time to pick up (if you can't get someone one the phone now it will be much more frustrating later if something is wrong with the product).

After researching the sinks I would personally purchase a vanity style sink with an enameled cast iron finish produced by Kohler. The vanity sink makes it easy to hide unsightly pipes while the enameled cast iron finish comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable. Kohler is a good brand to buy from as they have excellent ratings from consumers. I would also purchase my selection from as they quote prices much lower than other sites, they have excellent security protection for me, the site has good ratings and good customer service (as quoted by Michelle Slatalla).

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Before purchasing a bathtub there are many things that you need to consider. First, you should decide on the type of bathtub you want. There are many different kinds of bathtubs including: whirlpools, standard bathtub, corner tubs, freestanding, and drop-in tubs. When deciding on the type of bathtub you should also consider the size. Remember, just because it fits in the bathroom does not mean it will fit through the door.

You will also need to consider how much the bathtub weighs. If you are installing a large bathtub in an old house the floor may not be strong enough to hold a heavy bathtub filled with water and a person. Also consider where the plumbing is, if you need to rewire your electricity, features you want, the style of the bathroom, color, and the type of material. Bathtubs are available in a large variety of materials: acrylic, marble, cast iron, steel, and fiberglass. If you consider each of these things you will be able to find a bathtub that fits your needs.

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Toilets generally consist of three different models. The first model is known as the pressure-assisted model. This model is contested to be the most effective type. Although it is louder than most toilets, it is the most powerful at disposing objects. The second model is the gravity model. Although it is much quieter, it is not as powerful. The third type of toilet is the vacuum-assisted model. This type is the quietest model; however, it is the least effective at disposing objects.

When purchasing a toilet. One should consider several aspects:

1. Preference of aesthetics or practicality. This will help one choose between the different models, whether loud but powerful is better.

2. How many gallons/flush. There are typically two choices. The 0.8 gallons/flush and the 1.6 gallons/flush. The dual-flush technology uses only the 0l8 gallons/flush which is not as powerful but is great with liquid waste.

3. Installation of toilets. It is crucial to get a good plumber, one with proper credentials and several years of experience. Check if they have a certificate of insurance.

It might also be necessary to upgrade the water-supply lines. Use a 3-4 inch drain pipe and replace the chrome-plated copper with flexible stainless steel to ensure longer quality.

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Tub Surrounds

When purchasing a tub surround, it is important to decide what material you want the surround to be. There are various prefabricated tub surrounds. There are also resin-based cultured marble and cultured granite tub surrounds. Tile is also common in showers and tub surrounds. If you would like a tub surround installed by the company of purchase, available companies will depend on location of purchase. An example of a cultured marble provider is Whitewater, a company based in Lindon Utah. If you want a product such as this, as simple internet search can yield a company providing similar products. If you want to purchase a cultured marble tub surround, and you want to install the marble without the help of a professional, you can find instructions along with how-to photos at,,DIY_13903_3569639,00.html. If you are looking for a prefabricated tub surround, they are available from Home Depot or Lowe’s. If one is looking for tile, the easiest process is to locate a tile store near your home, and find a recommendation from them regarding installation, a tile store near Provo is Contempo tile, but similar stores are easily located via an internet search.

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Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs are a very popular type of tub that brings luxury to the bathroom. Whirlpool Tubs have become very fashionable in high end bathroom remodels. The National Kitchen and Bath Association projects that about 25 percent of higher end bathroom remodels include Whirlpool Tubs. Whirlpool tubs are known for their jet circulation. There are tiny jets that force air into the water which causes the water to bubble. Water jets give a more concentrated massage. The standard tub comes with 4 to 5 jets but custom tubs can have up to 19 to 20 jets. Some things to consider when buying a whirlpool tub are the color, the size, the type of material, and whether it is standing or built in. Whirlpool tubs can be made of several different materials but the most popular are cast iron, acrylic, and composite. Another aspect of a tub to consider is whether or not you want an integral heating system. This reheats the water as it is going through the jets so the water coming out is always warm. Prices usually range from as cheap as $750 to $5000. The typical size is usually 3x5 feet. Some things that need to be compared are the location and strength of the jets, the different settings for the jets, the sitting position of the tub, and how quiet the jets are.

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