Fast Food Consumer Recommendations

This is going to be relatively short because fast food is generally not something that a person needs to research. Researching your combo tends to defeat the purpose of the "fast" in "fast food."

For the most part, a person's choice in fast food is going to depend largely on personal choice and proximity to certain restaurants. The sites listed below have links which can help a consumer locate the nearest location of their desired restaurant.

Nutrition is really the only major consideration aside from personal taste and location that may be of importance to the consumer. Generally all fast food franchises have made their nutrition information readily available to the public. The below sites can quickly help consumers find the fast food nutrition information they may need. They also allow customers to compare restaurants.

Besides nutritional information, the websites also provide location and news information about fast food.

Top Online Resources:

  1. Fast Food Source 
  2. Food Facts 
  3. Fat Calories