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To identify objective, creative, well-designed internet information sources that can be used by students and others as a source for managing financial resources more efficiently. We are looking for web sites that are free (or low cost) that do not sacrifice quality as an information source. It should be the student's goal to creatively and curiously seek information that can really make a difference in the way individuals manage their personal financial resources.

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Reporting to the Credit Bureaus

Creditors provide consumer credit information to the national credit bureaus, who in turn report that information to the consumer and other creditors. Any company can report credit to the agencies as long as they qualify and register. To qualify for reporting, a company must have a minimum number of accounts and be approved as a legitimate credit agency. To report credit to the bureaus, a company must register with each site separately, and use either a credit reporting software or a credit reporting service. The three websites feature 3 different credit reporting software programs. Though the sites are product sponsored, each site provided useful information on reporting credit to the national bureaus.

Top Online Resources:

  1. Datalinx
  2. Credit Time 2000
  3. The Service Bureau