Gym Memberships

The idea of a gym comes from Germany. A German educator Friedrich John and the tuners promoted the idea of an outdoor space area for exercise. The idea of gyms in America came from the turner movement in America; however, gyms were not only athletic places but also political places. Nowadays gymnasiums have change they usually are a facility intended for indoors sports or exercises.

Gymnasiums have become popular in the world. Therefore there are many different chains of gyms for example, Gold’s Gym, bally, fitness, etc. some of these gyms are more popular then others. According to Yahoo and The U.K Association of gyms popularity is not one of the mayor reason why people choose to go to a specific gym, the main reason is the proximity of the gym to the person’s home or work. Music is an important factor for people when they are finding a gym. Some people do not like music at all when they are exercising, some do because it motivates them and some do not like the music that is played. Therefore, before applying to a gym people verify if they like the gym’s environment.

People go to gyms because they want to be strong, they want to feel better about themselves, to lose weight, to maintain a healthy body, for fitness, for bodybuilding, to look hot when they are wearing swim suits, etc. Basically people go to gyms to maintain a nice figure; however, people often go to gyms to meet other people, which is the biggest mistake people make when the join a gym. “The top mistake any person can make at a gym is to treat such a place as a social gathering”. (Tom Reindl, Helium member). According to U.K association of gyms 85% of people that go to gyms go twice a week for one hour or less. 60% of gyms members are from 20 years to 44. January is the new member highest month. People decide to get gyms membership because it turns out to be less expensive. If you are a member you pay inscription + $20 or $25 dollars monthly depending on the gym, if you are not a member, a visit will cost approximately $12 or more dollars. This is almost the same amount as paying for a whole month.

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