Exercise Equipment

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are an increasingly popular form of aerobic exercise. Elliptical trainers provide exercise similar to treadmills, but offer many advantages that treadmills do not provide. Among the greatest benefits, elliptical trainers provide low-impact exercise, which is great for the knees, back, hips, and other joints. Ellipticals are quiet and smooth; some people compare exercising on them to “running in midair.” Many machines come with handle bars that move with the pedals, which allows the machine to provide a full body workout—another benefit the treadmill does not provide. In recent years many companies have joined the market, so when choosing an elliptical trainer, the consumer faces many options. Additionally, common prices for elliptical trainers range from $300-$5,000, so making the right decision is important. Fortunately, the internet provides plenty of lengthy reviews on different brands, styles, and pricing relating to elliptical trainers.

There are many critical decision making components to consider when purchasing an elliptical trainer. First, the “footprint” of an exercise machine is the amount of floor space it occupies. Different trainers have different footprints, so space is an important issue to address. Next, low quality ellipticals tend to be unstable or wobbly, and should be avoided. Machines that operate with fluid, quiet, and stable motion provide the most enjoyable exercise experience. Another important feature to check is the pedals. Pedals should be well positioned and provide a comfortable stance. Along with comfortable stance, the elliptical trainer should provide an appropriate stride length. Machines with short stride lengths tend to create choppy and uneven motion. Potential buyers should also asses their workout needs when considering ellipticals by checking if the machine comes with programmed and manual courses, dual direction capacity (forward and backward pedaling), and varying resistance features. Buyers should also evaluate a machine’s display system to ensure it is easy to use and understand. A simple, but key recommendation is to try the equipment out in a store before purchasing it to ensure that it fits needs and budgets.

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Exercise Bikes

There are several factors to consider when buying an exercise bike. Exercise bikes can provide a great way to work out for people who don't have the time to spend at a gym or who live in climates where outside exercise is not viable all year round. Exercise bikes don't burn as many calories as treadmills, but they are considered more fun and therefore more likely for people to work out consistently on them. They can also be a big waste of money if they aren't used.

Once it has been determined that an exercise bike is a good option for somebody, they need to decide on a model. The price range on exercise bikes ranges from around $200 to $2000 dollars. There are two main styles of exercise bikes: recumbent and upright. Upright bikes are best for the serious cycler because you can simulate standing and peddling for more intense workout. Recumbent bikes are much more comfortable than upright bikes, and are easy to workout with while reading a book or watching TV. The price in the models is determined by their features and quality of build.

Perhaps the most important quality to look for in buying and exercise bike is comfort. If you are not comfortable, you will not ride it. You want to make sure that it is well-built and can fit in the area you have designated for it; this does not mean that it has to be expensive. Also, magnetic variable resistance systems work much better than simple friction brake systems. Friction brake systems are loud and break down faster than the silent magnetic resistance systems. More expensive bikes will have more preset program options. Most bikes have sufficient preset program options for the average user. Some of the most expensive bikes have a wireless heart rate chest strap, but again, that is probably a feature only the most dedicated cyclists would need. In recap, the main qualities to look for are comfort, durability, magnetic resistance system, and personal dedication.

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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors have become a very useful tool in exercise. It is a great convenience for those who want to track their heart rate and understand the fundamentals of exercise. Many people who are health conscience are concerned with maximizing their workout. This can be achieved by meeting your ideal heart rate which in turn more effectively burns more calories and keeps the person exercising from wasting their time. Now that heart monitors are so prevalent, it makes it easy, and important, to monitor your workout levels. The most popular, and probably most researched product I found, was the Polar series heart rate monitors. Their company has been in business for several years and they have dedicated themselves exclusively to monitoring the heart. The f11 is the most rounded model for the everyday consumer. It isn't too expensive, between 80-150 dollars, and it has enough features to keep someone busy and scheduled in a workout. There are cheaper monitors and more expensive, however, for someone who is just determined to tell their heart rate and find their maximum zone, this one will work just fine. The fll is the standard for weight management. If, as a consumer, you are more concerned with other aspects of heart rate monitoring, such as cholesterol or high blood pressure, then some of their more technical models should be looked into. This model provides a detail log to determine how long and how hard you should work in your cardiovascular fitness. A neat feature of the Polar model f11 is it has its own coding to prevent cross talk between other monitors. A problem that has been discovered by other monitor devices is that, as heart rate monitors are used more and more by people, there is a tendency for the other monitors to bleed an infrared signal to other monitors deviating heart rates and fitness levels read on the monitor. Also, this particular heart rate monitor tracks energy expenditure and tracks calories through that avenue. From what I read, not many people had many complaints for the heart rate monitors. They aren't perfectly accurate, but they are extremely close. They can't come as close as an ECG, but they do the job. They have become less bulky and more affordable in the last few years. They only real problem is feedback from other monitors, but they have alleviated that problem. They are a great buy and a great companion for a regimented workout. Some things to consider when purchasing a monitor are: how technical you want the information; if you want compatibility with a computer to track your progress; what your activity is (cycling, running, fitness gym, etc.); price range; if you want just the heart rate feature for exercise or to track your cholesterol.

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Home Weight Lifting

In home weight lifting equipment there are a lot of different things to consider. There are a few major considerations needed to be factored in to decide what you want to buy. What type of lifting do you want to do, the space you have available in your home, and how much money you can spend.

The first issue is what type of lifting are you interested in. Some people want to be able to get a full body work out at home just the same as the gym, while others just want to do some abs at home on there own. A small abs workout product can be bought for very cheap and it takes up minimal space. There are many full-set pieces of equipment coming out that have everything included, but the problem is they became very pricey. They also are a little larger because they include everything, so these can only be purchased if there is a large space available in your home. A consumer can buy a set of dumbbells that allows them to get a full upper body workout but does not include the legs very much except for lunges. So these are somewhat inefficient but they are much cheaper.

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Jogging Strollers

There are a lot of different factors to take into consideration when purchasing a jogging stroller, and because preference comes into play, there is not just one jogging stroller that EVERYONE should buy. Choosing a jogging stroller must be determined by your own personal situation. Some of the things that need to be considered by all purchasers are the following: safety- the stroller should be solid and reliable in protecting both you and your baby, extent of fitness- are you planning on going through rough terrain at high speeds or on a paved roads at walking speeds, weight and height of baby- can the stroller hold your child and how soon will he or she grow out of it, budget- what can you afford and what will you pay, additional features- are there specific features in a stroller that you need (i.e.; adjustable handle-bar), etc. As you can see there are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a jogging stroller. Personal preference plays a big part. But, just for the record, some of the leading brands of jogging strollers today are the following: Pep Perego, Graco and Dreamer Design. For different preference and safety reasons these are some that are at the top of the list.

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Stair Steppers and Climbers

Stair Steppers are also known as stair climbers, and can be great additions to any home workout. Stair Steppers build your lower body, burn calories, and provide a great aerobic exercise. They give the same result to your body as walking or running up and down stairs without the stress that a hard surface can put on your body.

In buying a stair stepper there are several factors to take in mind. There are two types of Steppers. On a dependent stepper, when one side is pressed down, the other side goes up. Independent steppers are just the opposite. One side can move regardless of what the other side is doing which provides a more natural step feeling.

Another factor to check out before buying a stepper isdrive mechanisms and shocks. Quality stair steppers will use belts and steel cables to provide the stepping motion because the result is a smoother, quieter workout. Better manual stair steppers will also use hydraulic shocks as opposed to pneumatic shocks.

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The benefit of using an exercise-trampoline to exercise is they cause less stress on the joints, organs, and body tissue, which regularly occurs doing other intense styles of working out. Even when your trampoline exercise becomes more intense it is still better for your body. The stress is absorbed by the trampoline and could be compared to feeling of walking on carpet. The trampolines allow for your entire body to be subject to the pull of gravity as the trampoline mat depresses and the springs stretch, which eliminates the vertical shock that one feels as they are jogging. They are great for cardiovascular workout, which allows you to have healthier heart.

Not only will the exercise-trampoline allow you to obtain better health, but they are also fun and convenient. These trampolines can be used while watching TV, listening to music, or holding a conversation. They can also be used by people of all ages. They are not very big, so they are easy to store, and you can even take them apart and fold the mat.

In order to purchase an exercise-trampoline you do not have to go to a sporting goods store, you can also find them at discount stores, or even order them online. There are many online fitness stores that you can browse and find the cheapest price. An exercise-trampoline’s price ranges from $30 to $70.

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To inform the public of web sites that may educate and inform people who are in the treadmill market on what to look for, and how to buy the best treadmill for them. Each web site has detailed information about treadmills, treadmill ratings and reviews, and recommendations on how and where to buy treadmills at great prices. These web sites are dedicated to teaching and informing people about treadmills with the intention that they can be trusted as good advice.

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Universal Gyms

To rate consumer websites and their effectiveness in helping people make smartpurchases on exercising equipment. There are so many different types of equipment out there. Before one purchases a piece of equipment they need to know what they are buying. Some of the things to look into are quality, company, purpose, multi-purpose, what muscles are being worked, and price.

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