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Several websites were reviewed to find out which ones provided the most objective and thorough reviews of desktop publishing software. The top three sites are listed below. was helpful in allowing me to easily navigate to other pages within the site. These links pertained to the information sought after. Most of the links were relevant. However, some of them were advertisements which sent me to retailers to buy products from. This can be useful if you're looking to buy the software, but can also be quite annoying if you are just doing research. is recognized as one of the best sources of information having anything to do with electronics or computers. They have won several hundred prestigious awards since 1995. is a resource much like the others, although I'd have to recommend the most. It has the most informative reviews.

There are pros and cons to each site regarding desktop publishing. has over 600 experts working for the site to provide accurate and objective information. has several experts as well, although I don't believe they are quite as staffed as provides the most thorough articles without having to jump to other related sites or articles. PCMag is helpful although it comes in last of the three websites.

Top Online Resources:

  1. Buying Advice for Desktop Publishing Software 
  2. Publishing Software Reviews 
  3. Product Guides