Photo Editing Software

It is amazing how many different photo editing software programs are available. Trying to figure out which one is best for you can be a challenge. However, knowing what features you want and/or need in a photo editing program is the great determiner and will speed up the selection process.

Photo-editing software works with your digital camera so you can easily resize, crop, flip, retouch, reduce red-eye, and otherwise change your photos before you share and print them.

Generally, the more features, the more versatile the software. But more features are not always what you want or need. For the everyday, non-professional ease of use is perhaps the most important feature. Many software programs are easy to use while others are much more complicated.

Consumer Reports is a great resource. But you cannot access all of the helpful information without a subscription. However, the subscription fee is minimal compared to the wealth of information you can and will obtain. Without a subscription, Consumer Reports suggests choosing a software program after you have assessed your camera’s software that it came with, considered your computer’s operating system, and after you’ve done research online.

There are all sorts of features for editing and organizing your photos. Check out the provided websites to determine which software program fits your needs. Top Ten Reviews provides a helpful chart based on their 2007 Photo Editing Software Report. This chart provide a quick and easy way to glance over ratings on the following features: ease of use, importing, editing, sharing, output capabilities, organizing, and help/support. It is these features that will be the deciding factors in discovering which photo editing software is best for you. A price comparison and consumer comments are also available at Top Ten Reviews.

As far as a recommendation goes, it is difficult to select one. It really depends on what features are most important to you. Price is going to be the big determinate. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 5 receives high score all around, but with a price. It is $99.99 dollars. You must decide what features you are looking for as well as what your budget it and select from there.

Top Online Resources:

  1. Consumer Reports 
  2. Top Ten Reviews  
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