Medical Information Software

In my research I found that medical software is a product for which advice is relatively scarce on the internet. A quick search of leading financial consumer advocates turned up empty. Also, I failed to find any website sponsored by a non-profit entity or the government that provided comprehensive advice concerning the purchase of medical software. It is definitely a niche product whose purchase is limited to an incredibly small percentage of the consumer population. I think this is a major reason for which I could not find a lot of advice on medical software.

As far as information and advice are concerned, the first site listed was by far the best for objectively explaining and outlining the various types of software on the market. was insightful, objective, and very user friendly, and I felt like I had a wealth of information at my fingertips. I would recommend this website over all others to those in the medical field seeking to learn more about medical software.

I also found many other small articles offering advice concerning medical software, such as's "Guide to Medical Software." ( However, these mini-guides are light on comprehensive explanations about medical software and heavy on personal recommendations of the individual author. I would recommend reading them just to get other opinions on the topic.

From my research, I would recommend three things when considering a medical software purchase. First, make sure that electronic billing is part of the software package. This will save time and provide quick access to the documentation you need for insurance companies. Second, make sure that the software automatically back up all data in case of emergencies. Finally, carefully consider the pros and cons of web based, desktop, and do-it-yourself medical software packages before you decide on a purchase. Most packages offer free demos, allowing you to try before you buy. Involving your entire staff in the purchase decision will also ensure that the software package you buy is best for your practice.

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