Laptop & Notebook Computers

Due to changes in today's world it has become almost necessary for most people to own a computer. However, most people are at the mercy of the manufacturers as they aren't really familiar with the technological details behind buying a computer. Computers are also unique because each computer has a different configuration that starts from many different bases.

In support of this, a recent study was released showing that 60% of people who buy computers first go shopping in a store to get their questions answered by store personal and then they finish their shopping online. This is also my recommendation the best way to get a understanding of what you need is to go to a local computer store and let them help you. Make sure to take notes on what you learn then shop online for the better price. Except during key sale periods most experts also say that computers can be found cheaper online.

For this reason these sites are less about information on computers and more about finding a good price on computers

Top Online Resources:

  1. Buy Notebooks 
  2. Tiger Direct 
  3. Costco-Computers