Handheld PCs

Handheld PC’s are all designed to organize and store thousands of basic files and points of information. Mostly what you end up buying is going to be determined by your own personal needs and format preferences. Many come with Wi-Fi, a wireless internet connection. In addition, the majority use a stylus and touchscreen display and most can play videos, show pictures, and even hold books. There are a few specializations, however, when it comes to what you are specifically going to use your handheld computer for. For example, there is something known generally as a smartphone which is a handheld computer built into a cell phone. Most brand name companies have variations of these.

Other issues that may affect your decision of what computer is right for you will depend on which programs you will want to use from your handheld. Palm brand handhelds have a much wider variety of programs available; however they generally run on an older operating system while Pocket PCs use a system similar to Windows. With either of these two major types of handheld computers, the more information you want to be able to hold, or the more interfaces you want on your computer (such as memory card slots or infrared capability), the larger and heavier your handheld is going to be.

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