Desktop PC's

Technology has greatly advanced the availability, usability, and affordability of personal desktop computers. Since they have become so popular, it is important that people be aware of the main components, factors, prices, and sources of buying desktop computers. The first issue users should decide is if they want to buy a brand new computer, or if they want to upgrade the computer that they are already using. For those who decide they want to buy a new computer, they need to assess what they will be using the computer for. People who will be using computers for routine tasks, such as word processing and internet access, should purchase budget computers from a name brand company. Those people who will use computers for gaming, video editing, and other higher functions, need to purchase a more expensive computer that has more memory and better specialty components, such as graphic cards and CD or DVD burning capabilities.

It is important to choose the appropriate brand of computer because different computer models have different durability ratings and warranties. Some models are noted for being very durable and receiving good technical support from the seller, while other models break easily and are difficult to fix and obtain consulting on how to diagnose problems. Another one of the major decisions about different types of computer is whether a purchaser will buy a Windows or a Mac operating system. Although this choice is basically user preference, there are now computers available which allow both operating systems to be used. Thus, both the hardware and the software of the computer are important. The hardware determines the speed and storage capabilities of a desktop computer, while the software determines exactly how the hardware will be used. Much of the software that comes with preconfigured computers is “teaser” software that is limited usage software designed to entice users into buying the full software product. An example of “teaser” software is security systems that have a short life span unless the full version is purchased. However, since computer viruses and bugs have become so destructive and widespread, obtaining the appropriate security software is one of the most important decisions a buyer can make.

Overall, a buyer must educate themselves on the terminology surrounding personal desktop computers. There are a lot of technological descriptors essential to understanding the kinds of computers available, which mean nothing unless the purchaser spends the time to inform themselves. Specifically people need to find out what processor, hard drive, optical drive, video card, external connector, monitor, and amount of memory, which they are looking for. After these basic decisions are made, it is a matter of finding the best prices. Most shopping can be done online or at major electronic stores. One of the benefits of going to an electronic store is that there is helpful staff who can answer most technical and pricing questions.

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