Winter Apparel

 When shopping for winter apparel, one way to save money is to shop at outlet stores. This way, one can get quality products for generally 30-50% lower than regular store prices. Outlet stores benefit both the manufacturer and the consumer because while the consumer can save lots of money with the discounted prices, manufacturers have a way to expose their goods to a wider variety of customers and dispose of excess inventory.

There are also many tips for shopping for winter apparel and finding good deals. First, you should time your visit to avoid crowds by going shopping in the middle of the week or early in the morning. Next, one can find good deals by shopping on big sale holidays and weekends such as President's day or Thanksgiving. One can also use coupons or receive discounts by joining some kind of frequent shopper program. Another good tip for getting good discounts is to shop for out-of-season clothing. For example, shop for winter apparel in January or February when stores must make room for new spring clothing. Finally, before making any clothing purchase, make sure you are familiar with the store's return policy.

Top online resources:

  1. Consumer Reports