Shoes Care & Maintenance

Men's Athletic Shoes

The objective for this assignment was to find information that would help consumers purchase men’s athletic shoes.

Feet come in many different shapes and sizes. Even for one person, their two feet can be different from each other. In fact, feet may continue to grow well into adulthood. As people get older, their feet tend to widen. No matter what age, it is important to purchase shoes that will adequately support the feet and ankles.

It is best to shop for shoes during the afternoon. This is caused by swelling in the feet – it is at its highest during the day. When fitting the shoes, do so while standing up in order to get the most accurate feel and fit. Keep in mind also that a “size 10” may feel different from that of another “size 10” of the same brand. Likewise, a “size 10” in one brand may feel different from that of another brand. And certainly bring your own pair of socks. It wouldn’t be an accurate fit to wear a thin sock liner with a shoe that would normally be worn with a thicker pair of socks and vice versa.

Be sure to purchase shoes that will fit and give support to the whole foot. This will increase comfort. Do not purchase shoes with too much or too little room in the toes, heels, or width. This may cause blisters, calluses, and muscle pain. Also, purchase shoes with good arches. Avoid wearing flat shoes for an extended period of time because this may cause your feet to loose its arch.

Depending on the activity will determine the best shoe. For example, walking shoes tend to be a little stiffer. Running shoes tend to be more flexible with more cushions for the intense impact. They also have more traction. Basketball shoes tend to be higher around the ankle to provide better support.

It is also a good idea to purchase new shoes every 4 – 6 months or when the tread is noticeably worn.

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Men's Dress Shoes

When it comes to men's dress shoes there are a plethora of options; too many in fact. Should you buy lace up brown leather oxfords, slip on dressy loafers or sparkly cowboy boots? That is where internet consumer ratings come in. All of these sites have something in common. They rate the shoe on the appeal to the consumer. Some rate the shoe on looks, comfort and overall appeal. Others rate the shoe on arch support, affordability and merchant credibility.

A lot of these ratings are subject to style and what the consumer's styles are but they are accurate ratings that allow you to gain knowledge before you actually spend the money to buy them. There are many options when it comes to shoe shopping but before you go out and beat the crowds at the local Nordstrom, check out what the ratings have to say about your dream shoes.

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Running Shoes

When it comes to choosing a running shoe it comes down to what your needs are. Some people have flat feet, while others have a high arch. Regardless of this, the following websites shed light on what is the best shoe for you according to your personal foot needs.

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Women's Athletic Shoes

Men and women's feet are not shaped the same. Actually, women shift weight on their feet differently than men, so they clearly couldn't share the same kind of shoe.

That's why it's a good thing that specialized women's athletic shoes are being made today to keep up with the growing intensity of sports. Both recreational and professional sports for women are becoming more and more popular and competitive, and foot care is one of the most important things to keep the excitement growing.

Some of the vital things to look for while shopping for athletic shoes for women are width, arch, and comfort.

Width must be just right. If the shoes are too snug then there's a problem with mobility. If they are too loose, then there is a potential for blistering on the foot or even ankle injury.

The arch must match the woman's foot or it could also lead to serious foot injuries.

And last but not least, comfort. How can you play or run your best without being comfortable.

With these and the right kind of shoe for the right sport, performance and enjoyment increase.

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