Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel

When looking to purchase athletic apparel it is important to remember how many different kinds of apparel there are. The sites listed in the assignment represent different athletic fields. Not to mention there are also team sports. There are many sites that advertise the selling of team sports uniforms, warm- ups etc.... However, these sites do not have the credibility of the most well-known sports attire companies. You have to be careful when purchasing mass amounts of equipment. That is when the consumer can run into a problem.

It is important to look at the programs the athletic apparel sites are affiliated with. Many sites will not contain any information regarding relationships with nonprofit organizations. However, all the sites listed in this assignment are affiliated with numerous organizations. It is important to recognize what programs a business supports.

Also when purchasing athletic apparel, it is important to look at the return and exchange policy. Businesses have different policies. Before buying or ordering anything an individual should be well aware of the policy regarding returning items. Businesses like champion sportswear allow a consumer to return anything at any time that the consumer is not happy with. This shows the company's confidence intheir product.

The consumer should be aware that different companies provide sportswear for different types of athletes. So when buying something, the consumer should see if there is a company that specializes in their specific athletic interest, For example, Columbia sportswear specializes in outdoors clothing for more recreational activities such as skiing and mountain climbing. So a consumer interested in that area might be better off purchasing apparel from that company rather than Nike.

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Men's Athletic Gear

Athletic gear can be a variety of different things. It can be apparel and accessories to footwear, or even gear that one uses in playing a specific sport. Athletic gear is an “important investment” in an athlete’s life that could prove to give them the edge in a given sport. Or, if poorly invested, could be the means of a lack of performance and even serious injury. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind some simple guides to help one know what to buy and what characteristics to look for in those products, plus ways to avoid paying too much.

There are some similarities and differences in choosing Athletic gear based on the person and the activity. Overall the similarities that one wants to look for in athletic gear are fit, comfort, and a breathable product. One will want to feel around on the inside of the material of the gear for seams, bumps, etc. Anything that may cause chaffing or discomfort should be avoided. Shoes should feel comfortable right out of the box. Flexibility is also another key factor in choosing an athletic product. Especially with shoes, if they do not allow your foot to roll from the heel to the toes, it should also be avoided. One more important characteristic to look for is a material that breathes to reduce sweat. There are of coarse personal preferences as to aesthetics and other things one may like or dislike in the product. Overall though, comfort, fit, flexibility, and breath ability are the main key factors.

When one goes to buy athletic gear, it is usually best to go to an athletic store where you will be able to receive help from those working there. They can answer questions and give advise other stores may not be able to offer. Plus one can try on the different gear, which is advised, to make sure it is comfortable and the fit is good. One should walk around, stretch, and do other movements like these to test out the gear. This way, as mentioned above, one knows they are buying a quality product.

Price is an issue, but one should not overspend, or overbuy items that they do not need. One suggestion given was to try things on at the store and shop around for the specific item at other stores or online to find the best buy. provides information on shoes that meet the criteria and are only around sixty dollars. One must pay a little extra for quality, but, again not overspend. I would suggest this approach of trying on a certain product at a store, and then looking for a better buy on a reliable source online.

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