Reading Assignments

Mr. Marsh’s classes are unique because they have absolutely no textbook other than the internet. Instead, Scott Marsh has developed daily reading assignments on the internet for his classes that supplement and reinforce the topics covered in class. These reading assignments save students money and help them discover the wealth of relevant financial information available on the World Wide Web.

Current Readings

8 Ways to save on food bills

Mortgage basics

Alma 32-25-Planting the seed

Parable of the pounds

Teaching children about money

Myths about teaching finances to children

Basic description of Health Savings Accounts

Article from the Health Insurance Section of the online textbook

Article about what to do with your 401 (k) when you switch jobs


Mutual fund basics

Understanding investment time horizon

Individual Retirement Accounts

Allocation and diversification

Article about Modern Portfolio Theory

Talk by President Monson about makefekis


Top 10 things to know about 401(k) accounts

Life insurance

This is CNN Money's introduction to life insurance. It clearly explains the difference between whole life and term and why term is better.

Which cars are the most and least expensive to insure

Homeowner's insurance basics

Article about BYU service opportunities

Article about local service opportunities

Income tax basics

A line by line description of the 1040

Capital gains tax explained

Exemptions and deductions explained

College tuition credits

A Tax free sources of income (including 1031 exchange)

Leaving a legacy part 1

Leaving a legacy part 2,_Part_2

Effective public speaking principles

Making a good sale

Credit score (FICO score) basics

More credit score basics

Department of Justice article on ID fraud

Read the history of the Rothschild legacy and also read their family history (1798-1820)

Article that shares important money conversations that couples should have before marrying

Money and marriage article


7 Modern Deadly Sins